2014年に日本に帰国し、クリエイティブディレクターとしてフリーランス活動を開始。キヤノン、パナソニック、セブン&アイ・ホールディングスなど、日本を代表するグローバルブランドのデジタルプロジェクトを遂行。2018年3月より株式会社グッドパッチにジョイン。デザイン事業強化に向けて、組織作り、プロダクトデザイン・サービスブランディングの品質向上、また諮問委員としてボードへのアドバイジングなどを担っている。今年4月から、デザインパートナー事業を行うDesign Div.のCreative Design Unitの立ち上げによりユニット監督として従事。

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Born in Japan in 1975. At the age of 18, I moved to England. Graduated from the department of Graphic Design, and spent the following 14 years in London creating digital projects for the likes of Honda, P&G, Nike, Jaguar, British Olympic Association, and many more.

Also as a department head at digital agencies such as Digitas and Collective London, I was responsible for leading creative projects, new business development, and being a people manager providing leadership, inspiration and mentorship to my teams.

In 2012, I left for a 2 year-long world travel. After trotting across Africa, Asia, and South America, I retuned to Japan in 2014. As a freelance creative director in Tokyo, I have since worked on digital projects for national brands such as Canon, Panasonic, and Seven & i Holdings.

Currently a creative director and a board advisor at a UI/UX design company Goodpatch, helping them strengthen UI design and service branding expertise, by giving mentorship to designers as well as strategic advices to their management and leadership teams.

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